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On the Road……Golden Gate Bridge, Bus Platform

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I snapped this on an iPhone (waiting to transfer buses) on my way home from work last Friday.

Days like this make me think I really should be riding a bicycle over the bridge to work.  But a few preconditions stop me in my tracks.

For instance, I stubbornly insist on:

  • arriving at work sweat-free
  • riding in normal clothes

With the hills and the distance (it’s a 19-mile round trip) there’s really no way to do both.  In a flat city like Amsterdam or Copenhagen it might be possible. But the elevation changes and the considerable mileage preclude a Sausalito-to-SF commute that meets this criteria.

Maybe it’s time to lighten up and just adapt. But what then? Do I carry extra clothes; shower at a nearby gym; etc.? Things just start to get complicated.

I did consider the option of an e-bike (and I really, really love the Faraday Porteur), but the battery range is only about 10-12 miles. And, I do not have access to a charging outlet during the work day.

Still, the Faraday could be the answer to my dilemma.

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December 9th, 2012 at 4:36 pm

On the Road……SOMA to Sausalito, Wingtips–not recommended

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Here’s a snapshot from my SOMA to Sausalito ride. I’ve stopped on the bridge with the Pacific Ocean 692 feet below.

Read on for some further thoughts on this ride from a somewhat finicky, urban commuting perspective.

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First off, Steve, owner of the venerable DDB building and architecture boutique and Dave, randonneur and creator of the all-time greatest front handlebar bag asked in the last post how the Brompton handled on the trip.

So at their prompting, I offer a few reflections:

  • The Brompton is a champ: no complaints at all. I have the 3-speed Brompton and the low gear was just low enough to get up the very steep stretch from the warming hut up to the Bridge. I did have to stand up on the pedals and work hard to turn them over. Climbing too much further would have been a chore. Still, I like the simplicity of the 3-speed and the extra work up the hills seems like a fair trade-off.  However:
  • Wingtips, not recommended: the ride would have been more comfortable in normal street clothes (and a wool beanie to cover the ears). I won’t deny this truth. I tried not to work up a sweat at any point, but it was unavoidable.  This reinforces the idea that:
  • Holland (or Denmark) this is not: I think covering 11-12 miles one-way, on flat ground, while wearing professional business attire is the extreme limit for a regular daily commute. In actuality, 5-6 miles is a more realistic distance. But this assumes you are pedaling those miles over flat ground.  Factoring in the hill going up Bay Street and the steep hill getting up to the Bridge from Crissy Field, it becomes clear that riding home on the Brompton (on a daily basis) is not an option for me.
  • Micro-climate is a factor:  I rode on one of the warmest days of the summer, but I still encountered some extreme headwinds riding along parts of this route (but very little wind on other parts). Add micro-climate to the factors that separate San Francisco bicycle commuting from Dutch bicycle commuting.

All in all — a world-class ride, but probably not one I plan to do more than 1-2 times a month.


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September 9th, 2012 at 11:50 am

On the Road……Riding the Brompton back from SF

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Rather than using the Brompton to take me to the ferry to shuttle me across the bay to Sausalito, I decided to ride my folding bike the whole distance home.

Starting in SOMA, I rode along the Embarcadero, then rode Bay St. to Marina Blvd., eventually crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, before heading down to Sausalito.

It was an experiment. I wanted to ride this route to see if could be a viable alternative to taking public transit.

Here, I’ve stopped on the bike path just as you cross under the bridge (right before circling around and riding onto the bike lane on the ocean side).


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September 4th, 2012 at 10:01 pm

On the Road……Commuting with the Brompton

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My Brompton bicycle is finally fulfilling it’s raison d’etre: bridging the gaps in my urban commute.

If I don’t feel like walking .75 miles to the Sausalito Ferry, I unfold the Brompton and cover this distance in less than 5 minutes. After a 25-minute ferry ride to downtown SF I have another .75 miles to my office in SOMA. The Brompton covers these little gaps with ease.

Plus, while wearing shorts and sneakers and then changing (and maybe even showering) on the way to work is one way to go. I like just wearing professional business attire (including leather lace-up shoes) for commuting.

Interestingly, the first time I tried to enter my building with the Brompton the guards said that bikes must be parked in the auto garage. So I made the fold, picked it up in one hand as if I was carrying a briefcase, and asked, “How about this?”

They smiled and waved me through.

So now I always fold the Brompton, walk right past the guards, and stow the bike under my desk!



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August 17th, 2012 at 9:26 pm