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On the Road……Parker Street, NE Washington DC

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This is a cool, little street of row houses a block from the train tracks leading into Union Station in NE Washington. There’s a Greenwich Village/Brooklyn feel to this block. I get the sense artsy, bohemian-types are moving into these parts possibly causing a bit of friction in the neighborhood.

There could even be rooftop vegetable gardens, urban bee hives, and maybe even a few chicken coops (not sure if that’s legal in DC) in the vicinity.

There was this handsome Trek mixte, with front and rear racks and a wicker errand basket.

Judging by all the evidence, I can only conclude that I must have stumbled into Hipster territory.

Lest I forget — there’s an amazing punjabi Indian restaurant right around the corner.





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April 23rd, 2014 at 5:28 pm


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