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Gear Gallery……Three objects of desire

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Desire is too strong.

Three objects of admiration is maybe more accurate.

Really, this is just some cool stuff that caught my eye this week — stuff I’ll probably never own — but stuff with clever design and craftsmanship that’s fun to appreciate.

First of all a gorgeous bicycle rack and shelving unit made of natural wood and copper water piping:

See Method Studio for more details.

Next is the latest camera system from Leica — the T:
Leica T
Leica prices are somewhat out of control. The cheapest lens for the new T system is the $1,800 18ā€“56mm ʒ/3.5ā€“5.6. See the dedicated Leica T site for more details.

Finally, a sleek, lightweight teardrop trailer with an expandable pop-top — the Alto R series:



I’m not sure which is better this or the trailer designed by the NASA engineer I wrote about a few years ago. For more information about the Alto pop-top check out the manufacturer’s website.


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April 29th, 2014 at 6:57 pm


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