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Gear Gallery……Pedals for all Occasions

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I still prefer toe-clips and leather straps for long, somewhat fast rides, but these MKS touring pedals are my favorite choice for everything else. As a consequence, I end up swapping pedals from bike to bike.

Below are pedals currently in my mix (clockwise from top left): Campagnola (super record?); MKS royal noveau; MKS sylvan touring; and MKS 3000 rubber block pedals.


A collection of Campagnola and MKS Pedals

The rubber block pedals are a new purchase (for my Nishiki city bike). I went to 4-5 bike shops (including a local bicycle recyclery) and none had this simple design so I ordered them from the Velo-Orange store.

Also, the 13″ long wrench (an ELDI no. 61 available from Rivendell) is a worthwhile investment if you swap pedals frequently.

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December 2nd, 2010 at 7:06 pm


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  1. I think I need to try a pair of those MKS touring pedals. I am curious about your dustcap (lack of) situation.

  2. john/ a very keen eye you have! i find that removing the dustcaps is a good way to shave a little weight off my rig during those long brevets 🙂 (actually, i’ve lost a dustcap and haven’t bothered to track a new one down yet).

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