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On the Road……Busted by Pima County Sheriff, Catalina Highway

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I consider myself a very safe and considerate bicyclist, but I do practice the Idaho Stop Law when conditions permit such as:

  1. being outside the Tucson city limits;
  2. surrounded by desert; and,
  3. having clear lines of sight in all directions!

But this Pima County Sheriff was not buying my defense. In fact, I was given no warning and was issued a $200 citation for failure to stop at a stop sign, which he told me, carried the full automobile DMV points and insurance implications as though I had been operating an automobile.

Later, I found out the City of Tucson has a re-education program for scofflaws like me (which will wipe away the infraction)…I’m scheduled to attend this bicycle safety course next week-end.

For the record, this is the second time something like this has happened to me. I wrote about the first time here.

Written by fridaycyclotouriste

July 2nd, 2011 at 9:08 pm


5 Responses to 'On the Road……Busted by Pima County Sheriff, Catalina Highway'

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  1. Does reeducation also wipe out the fine? Or just the points against your driver’s license? BTW, did he ask for your license? What would have happened if you din’t have it with you? You aren’t required to have it on you are you?


    5 Jul 11 at 8:56 am

  2. david/ excellent questions! the class wipes away the fine and the points, which is great.

    as for the license: i wasn’t carrying one though i did possess a valid CA license. not having a AZ license after 21 days of moving here was also an infraction, i was told. although mercifully the sheriff issued a warning on this point…but i was instructed to immediately apply for an AZ license, which i did.

    i’m sure there are some lessons to be learned as a result. but in retrospect i’m not exactly sure what those lessons are 🙂

  3. In ref. to the original question, you don’t need a license to ride a bike. If you don’t have one are you simply stuck with the fine? If so that seems like the laws need to be changed.


    6 Jul 11 at 7:26 am

  4. shaun/ the sheriff asked if i had a license, but didn’t say i required one…and based on my experience it seems that either option — taking the bicycle class (and saving the money) or paying the money (and saving the time) would be available to an un-licensed rider. if not, i agree that would need to change asap!!

  5. just a short update to complete this thread:

    according to the instructor teaching the bicycle course an official ID card is required when operating a bicycle in tucson. strange, but true…and one class member who was stopped and holding both a DL and an ID card reported being told by an officer that he would be arrested if he did not produce his driver’s license…this is truly bizarre!

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