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Bicycle Culture……Nerd Boyfriend and city bike couture

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If I work in a big city again — San Francisco, for instance — I see myself adopting this kind of look.

The photo is from the website, Nerd Boyfriend, which uses pictures (usually retro) of pop cultural figures and then links to places to purchase the clothes. This is Wesley Snipes a minor, recurring character in the TV show, 30 Rock.

However, Archival Clothing is probably the better website for interesting, well-made accessories and apparel (I love their new duffle bag), but sadly no pictures of bicycles.

UPDATE: Well, was I ever wrong about Archival Clothing! Lesli Larson one of the company’s principals is a bicyclist extraordinaire. She has a really cool Vanilla bicycle (check out the pictures from the blog) and she completed the storied PBP this year (a 1200km round trip brevet from Paris to Brest and back). Archival Clothing actually seems to have quite an obsession with bicycle culture and bicycling. I stand corrected.



Written by fridaycyclotouriste

December 12th, 2011 at 7:03 pm


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  1. Ive been trying to convince myself to always wear a helmet. “embrace the nerd” is the phrase that runs through my head and it works.

    Richard Benjamin

    13 Dec 11 at 12:46 pm

  2. richard/ thanks for stopping by! happy to hear your motto is working for you…nerdliness isn’t the same as when we were in high school, however. nerds have much more clout these days — they’re borderline cool.

  3. Hey. Thanks for the kinds words about our AC duffel. If you dig around our site, you’ll find quite a few posts in vintage bicycles, custom bicycles, cycling apparel and randonneuring. My post on PBP:

    Best regards,


    Lesli Larson

    16 Dec 11 at 10:33 am

  4. Wow. I sure got that wrong Lesli. Thanks for stopping by and bringing this to my attention. Even more reasons to dig your company! I updated my post to correct the misperception I created.

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