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Bicycling Culture……Ville vs Velodrome, graphic art

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For that small segment of folks that occupy the space at the intersection of design and velo-fandom, I present samples of Guilherme Henrique’s “eight illustrations representing the adrenaline of riding fixed-gear bikes in the city and on the velodrome.

2. la concurrence

2. la concurrence

3. les coureurs

3. les coureurs

Here’s a short summary from Prolly is Not Probably:

Guilherme Henrique is a graphic designer and as far as I can tell, Ville Vs. Velodrome is a case study on the scale of the city, the bike rider, the velodrome, racers and their bikes. Each of the templates have detailed descriptions as to what is the quantifying or qualifying characteristics of the scale stepping.

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December 28th, 2011 at 7:10 pm


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