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Off Topic Post……A Tragic Story

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Some tragic news to report close to home: The same beaches I’ve been photographing and enjoying recently have claimed three lives in the last week.

The case I’m most familiar with involved a father and son who, on December 28th, were swept away while fishing from a beach in the Marin Headlands.

By chance, my job brought me into contact with the man’s surviving wife and their other child — a young girl. It was heartbreaking, but I helped the girl document her US citizenship and obtain an expedited US passport so she could travel with her mom back to Mexico. Last I heard, the mom didn’t have the funds to bring her husband’s and son’s remains to Mexico and so the burial would take place in the Bay Area, perhaps today or tomorrow. To make matters worse, the family had lost everything in a house fire only a week prior.

Wells Fargo has an account set-up for donations. It’s not something I’ve done before on this site, but I thought I’d pass along the information for anyone inclined to help.

Here’s a link to the local ABC news video and print story and here’s what it said about donations:

An account has been set up with Wells Fargo to help the family with funeral costs. Donations can be transferred to Pablo Monroy online to account number 1019708096, or made in person at any Wells Fargo branch.

This is only what I read. I can’t confirm all the details personally, but I can confirm that Wells Fargo does have this account and name on file and is accepting donations.



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