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Espresso Review……Station House Cafe, Pt. Reyes

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SUMMARY (64 out of 100 points): If only the Station House knew the proper size of a single espresso (a full shot glass is about right) they could have something here because the crema was very good (check out the color and the bubbles!) and the presentation was great. But the volume of espresso was so gigantic that all balance and harmony was lost.

Since the wind was howling, I took shelter indoors, but there’s a very appealing outdoor patio with space to park bikes. So even if the espresso is flawed this place is still a natural stop if you’re passing through Pt. Reyes Station and want a sit-down, restaurant experience.

Taste (4/5);

Crema (4/5);

Serving size  (1/5);

Presentation (3/5);

Eco-friendliness (4/5)

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Taste: Four stars. Nothing to complain about here.

Crema: Three stars. Nice and thick with a brownish red hue, but the crema dissipated quickly and was overwhelmed by the ocean of coffee underneath it.

Serving size: One star. Hugely super-sized. I’d say 8x the volume of a proper single espresso, which unfortunately wreaks havoc with the subtle balance of liquids, oils, sugars, and gases.

Presentation: Four stars. A lovely ceramic cup and saucer. Very nice. Only lacking a spoon, some sugar cubes, and perhaps a small glass of water.

Eco-friendliness: Four stars. Organic grounds and reusable cup deserve a high rating.

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July 8th, 2009 at 3:56 pm


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