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On the Road……Corte Madera Tidal Marsh

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These are images of the Corte Madera Marsh and some bike paths leading to it (discussed in my earlier ride report)

That’s a Canadian goose on the lower left (the geotag shows the spot of this photo). I think the geese use this wetland as a stopover of some kind, but where they go and from whence they come — I do not know.

On a good day the marsh is also full of Egrets, Snowy Plovers, Pelicans, and various ducks.

The marsh is situated within an active urban landscape with:

  • the towns of Greenbrae and Larkspur to the north
  • a big shopping mall and the Tiburon peninsula to the south
  • the San Francisco Bay and the San Quentin Prison to the east
  • Highway 101 and the foothills of Mt. Tam to the west

The amount of water in the marsh is infuenced by tide levels and winter rains so there are always new islands and water channels appearing and disappearing day-to-day.

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August 9th, 2010 at 9:27 pm

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