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On the Road……Video test ride (music by Soloman Burke)

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I attached my camera (and a big fisheye lens) to my new handlebar mount and made a short trip down the block to test the system.

Below is the video, with a Soloman Burke music bed added in Apple’s iMovie to make it a little more interesting!


From the wikipedia article on Soloman Burke:

Solomon Burke (March 21, 1940 – October 10, 2010) was an American singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, mortician, and an archbishop of the United House of Prayer For All People. Burke was known as “King Solomon”, the “King of Rock ‘n’ Soul”, and as the “Bishop of Soul”, and described as “the Muhammad Ali of soul”, and as “the most unfairly overlooked singer of soul’s golden age”…

Burke was “a singer whose smooth, powerful articulation and mingling of sacred and profane themes helped define soul music in the early 1960s”…Described as both “Rabelaisian” and also as a “spiritual enigma”, “Perhaps more than any other artist, the ample figure of Solomon Burke symbolized the ways that spirituality and commerce, ecstasy and entertainment, sex and salvation, individualism and brotherhood, could blend in the world of 1960s soul music.”

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September 1st, 2011 at 6:10 pm

5 Responses to 'On the Road……Video test ride (music by Soloman Burke)'

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  1. Hey Nathan,

    Nice little video. I’ve always wanted to do something like that for Bike-to-Work day as a promo for our local access television station. Maybe I’ll get to it for next spring.

    I noticed your bike rack. We have a Honda Fit (which it looks like you have as well) and we just set ourselves up with a roof rack for carrying our bikes on trips and whatnot. What we’ve seen is a notable drop in milage. I’m wondering if you have any experience concerning mileage with having the rear rack?



    2 Sep 11 at 8:12 am

  2. Dave/ hey thanks so much for the feedback! working with video is fun — eventhough i’m not entirely comfortable with it yet. iMovie does make it rather straightforward…re: the Honda: i opted for a rear, hitch-mounted rack. i was worried I would forget about the bikes up on the roof and drive into a low parking garage or something! i also wanted the easiest possible way to take bikes on/off the car with no wheel removal…i haven’t noticed any effect on my mileage either (33-39 mpg hwy). i did need to buy a 1-1/4 hitch and install that to use my rack (which i think is the Thule 917xtr).

  3. I have one criticism of your video, and it would apply to virtually every real time bicycle rider produced video that I’ve seen. They are all jittery, POV type videos that are rarely edited or use an alternative view.

    How successful would the movie “Grand Prix” have been if it was entirely filmed using a vehicle mounted camera. Not very, I think.

    Sorry, I don’t wish this to be construed as a “rant”, but bicycle videos beg for more story boarding, editing and post production work.


    4 Sep 11 at 11:20 am

  4. Jim/ thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can’t disagree with your critique, which is a good one. If I had the time, talent, or technical skill I’d love to be able to produce video like this incredible movie

    However, for the time being I’ll probably just me making more shaky, single POV videos to amuse myself.

  5. Nathan, do keep the videos coming, and I certainly like your blogsite’s graphic layout as well as the entries. I live in Tucson also, so the local aspect is definitely interesting!

    Take care,


    5 Sep 11 at 4:24 pm

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