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On the Road……Javelina exhibit in the Saguaro National Park

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The javelina generates strong opinions, both positive and negative. Some people love them (I’m one of them), but others can’t stand them.

Javelina are to Tucson as deer are to Marin County: They’re omnipresent throughout the urban environment and homeowners are aghast at the creature’s ability to trample and eat pretty much anything in the yard or garden.

They are extremely social animals — you often see small herds of them walking in single-file as they forage for food. They also take turns scratching their mates posteriors with their snouts. They will defend their young at almost any cost, but have terrible eyesight and so they will panic and charge if they feel cornered or threatened.

This is an Instagram-like interpretation of an iPhone photo.

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March 30th, 2012 at 9:16 pm


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