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Gear Gallery……Wald Grocery Basket, a mini-review

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Mini-Review: This is Wald’s model 114 basket attached to my Nishiki. There is no fork or brake bolt hardware to deal with; it stays attached with curved pressure points resting below the headset and with hooks around the handlebars. So for around $20 and two minutes of work you’ve got a basket (granted it’s not particularly elegant or permanent). Still, I’ve severely overloaded mine and it performed really well.

A standard grocery sack will almost fit, but not quite (If that matters the model 133 may be the better choice) so it’s not good for big hauls — a six-pack, a carton of eggs and some bread, that sort of thing works best. The other day it was overflowing with veggies — leeks, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, some shallots — for making a blended Portugese-style soup. This photo was made after a morning breakfast run.

A lift-up handle releases the basket from the its mount so you can carry it into the store or around the market.

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January 11th, 2010 at 8:22 pm


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  1. Hi, I know this is a couple of years old but does the Wald 114 basket fit well on your Brompton? Thinking of doing such a set up but not sure of the dimensions.



    17 May 12 at 1:09 pm

  2. Corinne/ thanks for dropping by. I use the Wald on my mixte not the Brompton. But I’ll try to take a look at this configuration soon and let you know.

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